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    Registered User tjay17's Avatar
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    I wonder if there will be one where backups can be played from a disc so it does not matter what firmware you are on since then you would not need to put it into that mode to play the backups and then you can format the homebrew applications like a disc to give access to things being installed into the ps3?

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    Anyone from here is going to participate in 27c3??

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    Just asking about if anyone of the residents here are going to take part in CCC 2010 : 27th Chaos Communication Congress. I mean devs, members, so on.

    I would like to go there, but still, have a lot of job to do and it's not easy to open visa nowadays to EU contries

    Also, does anybody know if there will be a live feed?

    And cheers to you guys!

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    wish i could attend as well. i'm new to the whole system hack (did a lil bit with the wii) scene, but i know you guys will keep us posted.

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    Just an update, per xorloser's Twitter: http://twitter.com/xorloser/status/18470986890346496#
    Last chance to sell any Sony stock you may have
    While this is just speculation, perhaps he caught wind of what marcan, bushing, and sven will be unveiling (something not easily patchable, such as a PS3 jtag or bootchain exploit?) on the 28th at the 27C3 Hacker Conference 2010.

    Time will tell, but here is to hoping eh?

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    I hope that there is something which isn't patchable by software at all, similar to the iPhones Bootrom exploit, or the boot2 hack on the Wii which allowed BootMii to be installed.

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    I'm personally hoping they will reveal something that will allow for more advanced homebrew to be easily developed.

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    this is fantastic news, and i look forward to hearing more.

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    For those following, this has been pushed back a day now: http://events.ccc.de/congress/2010/F...s/4087.en.html

    From Day 2 - 2010-12-28 at 21:45 to Day 3 - 2010-12-29 at 16:00.

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    Links for the Live streams is now live and can be found at http://27c3.fem-net.de/

    The Saal 1 2 3 links are for the rooms that the different lectures are in.

    So the Console Hacking 2010 lecture will be in Saal 1 on 29 Dec 1600 local time.

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    Thank you, will definitely watch this!


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