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    New PS3 crash ? (Remote Play)

    Ok hi guys,

    i got a ps3 for christmas and i already own a psp (3.71m33-4), i have FW 2.10 on my PS3 and i am registered for Folding@Home. Ok now the crash, its a PS3 full Crash with the Monitor loosing Signal.

    I moddes my PSP's Remote Play with the Premo_Plugin.rco and prx from the 3.73 official Firmware and started Remoteplay on my PS3 and it works, but when i tried to start Folding@Home the Ps3 crashes and i got a error on my Psp.

    I had to hardreset the PS3 to get it running again.

    I hope this is useful and will lead to something.

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    the stream between the ps3 and the psp is cut off and there is no way to get remote play running again but u can still access the ps3 via wlan and there is some interesting point it uses a wpa encryption for the acces but its automaticly generated by the psp.

    The PS3 appears like an access point and it isnt a full crash the ps3 ist still running and working at the protein folding u can see it by the hdd led light.

    Perhaps its possible to simulate a possible by cfw homebrew generated remote play access try now we know that the psp generate a working wpa key when the ps3 is waiting for an remote play access from outside.

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    Calm down, I already sniffed and researched the communication between PSP and PS3.
    Don't know why, but at the moment it seems that only you have this problem, for me it's working without any "crash".
    But I'm 100% sure that this is no flaw/hole/possibility to exploit it or inject code somehow etc. Your PS3 only lost signal to the PSP to display it's video output. Nothing serious there!

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    I think one of the experts of this forum should look into this and see if this is a possible hole or not.

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    The experts have already saw/discussed this in their Dev room.. it's nothing useful (most crashes aren't), or they would have replied here.

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    Who has tested this with what results? Did u do in the discribed way?

    There are still 2 interesting facts:

    the PS3 executes F@H and keeps running itself as an AP.

    There is something in the PSP firmware what generate a working WPA key for the PS3.

    I have acces to the PS3 out of Remote Play but there is no such Homebrew at the moment to find or change someting on it.


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