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    labonte Guest
    Did (psgroove-all-no-unauth-syscall) work with any of the new games that came out?

    1 Call Of Duty Black Ops
    2 Assassin's Creed The Brotherhood
    3 Need For Speed Hot pursuit 2


  2. #342
    y2kkingboy Guest
    I can confirm that the hex for USBTinyMKII in the file All_boards_PL3_PSN_ECO_DEF_DEV_NOUNAUTH_315_341_He x.rar worked perfectly to play Assassin's Creed The Brotherhood.

    Hope that helped.

  3. #343
    terarawa Guest

    moh help

    i have a ps3yes dongle with the cool hermes-evilsperm-cyberskunk.

    i need to know step by step set up for moh to work goes to game data and freeze.

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    jayden2306 Guest
    hi guys... i'm really new to all this and i have my ps3break usb with Open Manager v1.2... i see all these files and updates that have been put up n i'm having problems with my MOH as well... can someone please tell me waht do i do with the files that have been put up to download? thanks a million...

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