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Thread: New PL3 Payload Supports MOH Without Updates for PS3 JailBreak

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    CuriousG Guest
    Here is PL3 compiled by remainnameless for TI-84+. I wasn't able to get MoH to work and it would just get stuck on installing game data. So YMMV. Works fine when running in patch mode using Hermes4b.

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    Takavach Guest
    can anyone compile this for pic18f4550 without boot loader ?

    or give me source of pic18f4550 with boot loader for this version ?

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    datalogger Guest
    So many different HEX files…so many that are compiled wrong

    Here’s a simple way to see if the PL3 hex you have contains the basics.
    If it doesn’t, it’s useless for this.

    Load NZHawk's Awesome Peek Poke

    If you see a screen filled with 00’s, the hex is missing peek/poke and there’s no way to know if it has the 80010019 fix.

    If you have a screen full of different characters:

    For 3.41 users, goto 800000000004fc2c ( 800000000004fc2c if you are using 3.15 )

    That line should start with 60 00 00 00

    If that line begins with ”41 9E 00 20”, the hex does not have the no-80010019 patch.


    800000000004fc2c if you are using 3.41

    800000000004f6f8 if you are using 3.15

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    farenheit Guest
    Can someone help me with error please:

    Getting an error generated by "dump_lv2_pcap_to_bin.c" stating it can't find "arpa/inet.h"

    The files located at c:/usr/local/Cell/target/ppu/include/arpa/inet.h

    This is the first time im getting this error since trying to compile the latest Kakarotos no_auth hex.

    Any ideas?

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    BAttitude7689 Guest
    I am using the blackcat USB, so which hex files would I have to use for my board?

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    YadoMan Guest
    Got a link to the modified version of the fix permission package to change all /dev_hdd0 permissions? I can only find UP0001-FIXP12345_00-0000111122223333, which I assume only changes the permissions for the LAUN1234 game install directory?

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    dc740 Guest
    evilsperm posted the right file a few posts before mine.

    So yes, it's exactly the same filename, it even says "Fix permissions for LAUN12345" when you install it. But the code is different, so use that one.

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    iakler Guest
    Yes, you're missing something.

    "chmod 777" to a file allows read/write/execution (+rwx) for everyone
    "chmod 666" to a file allows read/write (+rw) for everyone, which seems to be fine for the PS3 - even for eboot.bin files.

    "chmod 777" to a directory allows read/write/RECURSE THE DIRECTORY TREE (+rwx) for everyone
    "chmod 666" to a directory allows read/write for everyone but NOT recurse the directory tree

    To summarize this:
    It makes no difference for the PS3 if the files are set to 666 or 777, because it seems to ignore the execution flag.
    But if you set all directories to 666 you'll not be able to change into these directories anymore. It's very important to set them to 777.

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    bigdaddie Guest
    Thanks, i changed the source, and it looks like this now:
    if (dir_ent.d_type == CELL_FS_TYPE_DIRECTORY)
                 cellFsChmod(f_name, 0666);
                 else if (dir_ent.d_type == CELL_FS_TYPE_REGULAR)
                 cellFsChmod(f_name, 0777);
    Am i on the right track and will this set my folders and files to 777?

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    For every FW there are 3 8xv files. DEF, DEV and PAT. What's the difference? Also, are we sure these are compiled with the MOH fix?

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