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    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    looking forward to some .hex's
    I have now updated the first post with the KaKaRoTo PSGroove update hex code pack.

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    Sep 2010
    is there ay update for the nokia N900 power kernel...?

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    Nice to hear .. Dont now the real advantages of each, Hermes and kakaroto. Both of them claims to got the best / cleanest way to JB the ps3.

    If Hermes will stop his work i guess Kakaroto will be prefered in Future. So far i`ll stay with Hermes 4B.

    Oh yes, one more thing. I also never needed a modded eboot.bin to run games like MOH or MMA or I also see on Kakarotos Blog that he think that is not true.

    Greets Modmate

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    Hi guys... you don't need to update param.sfo manually anymore... Just use Gaia_Manager_v1.02_RC3 and it will recognize that you want to start a 3.42 game and then it will offer you that he will do the changes to the param.sfo for you. Very comfortable.. by the way... it also supports auto download the cover for you, if there is one... just move to the game, press SELECT and it will offer autodownload cover for that game

    P.S: covers belong to /dev_hdd0/BDCOVERS

    please create that folder on your own, create it via ftp.. i used Blackbox ftp 1.2.. any other PS3 ftp program should do also.

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    Could someone please upload a working version for the TI-84? Thanks

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    Kakaroto is the man! Hope to see some .bin, or (psgroove payload), or .ko soon!

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    with this new PL3; does MOH support 3.15 f/w?!

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    So what about the people who have Hermes V4b hex loaded on their chips? Do we still need this hex?

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    it would be your choice to go with PL3 or Hv4b

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordofthething View Post
    So what about the people who have Hermes V4b hex loaded on their chips? Do we still need this hex?
    its really a matter of preference and ease. pl3, is much more updated imo, but some people prefer to use the hermes build, and manually modify the eboot also. its up to you.

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