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  1. #101
    OopanpanoO Guest
    can you post teensy 2++ version with bdemu, the version in the pack don't have.


  2. #102
    evilsperm Guest
    Here is a fixed pack with minimus 32 correct chipset. Let it be warned that currently all game managers will need a disc in the drive to load games. The creators of the open managers using syscall35 will need to fix their code with this updated hex to remap to app_home/PS3_GAME.

    I have tested Blackcat and Teensy++ 2.0

    Updated KaKaRoto hex's and source as of 10.23.

    The source I posted will not compile minimus 32 unless you have th latest avr-gcc and fixed avr-libc.

  3. #103
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Cool, cool. Fixed *.hex are always great .

  4. #104
    tpryor00 Guest
    evilsperm i can confirm the discless-mode works on the latest PL3 with the Open Manager 2.1f. this one remapps to the app_home/PS3_GAME folder.

  5. #105
    vincentan Guest
    Could someone please upload a working HEX version for the PIC18 board with bootloader?

  6. #106
    Frago Guest
    Guys i have a problem, i'm trying to meka medal of honor to work i did it all and every time the manager says eboot.bin not found why?

  7. #107
    modmate Guest
    I guess you got the wrong Payload or at least a wrong eboot.bin.

    You got the latest Hermes 4B?


  8. #108
    evilsperm Guest
    The latest kakaroto release will work as well as fixing controller issues with street fighter. So it looks like he was able to talk with hermes and add all the patches into PL3.

  9. #109
    solrac1974 Guest
    Great news! Every day we have new versions of managers, every week we have new versions of payloads, great progress so far. But I think KaKaRoTo and Hermes could bring even more advanced features to payloads if they work together.

  10. #110
    Frago Guest
    i tried and with hermes 4v and the eboot from the Pack everything, i don't know what is wrong.

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