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  1. #31
    darkominator Guest
    still no ntfs support?

  2. #32
    mcx997 Guest
    I stay with Jurai's version of OM.

  3. #33
    modmate Guest
    Well, i would like to know if this "new" BM can play games with edited Param.sfo.

    Just an idea to get rid of that 80010019 error.

    Greets Modmate

  4. #34
    farenheit Guest
    There's a fix due out for this


  5. #35
    modmate Guest
    That's the error i get after editing the param.sfo of the new MOH wich needs 3.42. Just want to try a bit even if this ends in nothing good.. lol

  6. #36
    Lakerfanalways Guest
    Hopefully this new open manager or whatever it is fixes the issue with 3.42 games, once that is resolved the sky's the limit.. we wont have to worry about future games not working anymore.

  7. #37
    kamenrider Guest
    re-rip? nah... i think i'll stick with open manager.

  8. #38
    xroc88 Guest
    1:1 copies? pfff i am a videogame music ripper so this will just kill my hobby

  9. #39
    SiZMiK Guest
    I dont know if anyone has mentioned it before, but as this 1.1 requires re-ripped games, it would be nice if BM 1.1 allows both that and BM 1.0 to be installed on the PS3 meaning we can switch between them without having to re-rip ?

  10. #40
    aamir007 Guest
    It would probably have a new type of encryption or file format like .iso which is going to be a hassle but would like to see better discless support though and then would definitely use it.

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