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    Dec 2008

    Post New debug pkg links

    i was having a bit of a problem submitting the likes to the official page, so if someone else can post them, please feel free to.

    dark sector 1.01 patch usa

    saints row 2 1.30 patch usa

    Eye of Judgment update (this was unusual)

    i've never seen a .upd file before, so this is something new to play with.

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    I added them here:

    The last one I skipped as it's not pkg, not installable etc.

    For reference, the pass to add PS3 Debug links to the database is "ps3news" (minus the quotes)

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    Dec 2008
    that explains everything is was using "ps3newsdebug", i'll make a note. thanx boss.

    im back with more debug links. just uploaded pain patches:1.89, 2.04, 2.53, 2.90, 3.43, 4.03, 5.05, & 6.10.

    ill see what else i can find a lil later

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