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    Neo Trail v0.1 PS3 Homebrew Game by ThatOtherDev is Released

    PlayStation 3 developer ThatOtherDev has released a new PS3 homebrew game today entitled Neo Trail version 0.1 for JailBroken console owners.

    Download: Neo Trail v0.1 PS3 Homebrew Game

    To quote: In Neo Trail you control a ship that is constantly moving forward. Once you pass over a square on the grid it will begin to raise up. If you get pushed up onto the top of a fully raised block then the game will reset.

    The high score is displayed but not saved.

    I’m not sure if it’s similar enough to be considered a clone (although that is what it was originally going to be) but it’s obviously inspired by that movie. You know the one.

    Later I might add split screen multiplayer and/or an NPC to play against.

    PS3 controls:
    • Analog sticks = Turn

    Finally, in related news NextGenDev (via has shared a preview of his Neo Racer 2.0 Edited version for PS3 3.55 CFW. To quote:

    This is my official PREVIEW of Neo Race 2.0 edited version. Only the beta in video i did not show the whole thing. This version features including the following:

    1. New Track
    2. New City
    3. New Racer texture
    4. Better stability of turning
    5. Music on start up

    More on later versions. Next Version motor sounds and a plane or different racer. PREVIEW:

    Hold the controller where R2 and L2 button and flat don't hold it where R2 L2 is going up.

    Neo Trail v0.1 PS3 Homebrew Game by ThatOtherDev is Released

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    It has been a while since ThatOtherDev released a game so it's good to see him back in action. But I tend to wait for a later version of a new game since it's a lot better then.

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    its a nice game and its nice to thatOtherDev bk in the ps3 zone

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    good job Thatotherdev.

    Good homebrew... your work is appreciated.

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