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    DSpider Guest

    Lightbulb My "efforts combined" theory

    I have an idea, I know it may sound wacky (maybe it is) but here it goes.

    I remember someone said that stumbling upon the PS3 Encryption/Decryption key would take 126962397608548 years (or something like that) using current computing power.

    Well, there are pretty fast processors out there. HOWEVER. With our powers combined... <insert Captain Planet flashback here> maybe we could.

    Imagine an application which would try to brute force the PS3 HDD, or a small portion of it (like an image, a clone).

    Imagine a group of people with fast computers and that "hacking" app running on each computer between set parameters.

    For example:
    Computer #1: tries to find the key between 0 - 10.000
    Computer #2: tries to find the key between 10.000 - 100.000
    Computer #3: tries to find the key between A - 10T%7;..BB
    Computer #4: tries to find the key between 10T%7;..BB - 60)#GBca
    Computer #5: tries to find the key between 60)#GBca - {ةx__

    ...and so on.

    The idea is that all computers could run the hacking process SIMULTANEOUSLY.

    Needle in the hay stack, right ? I know. But imagine 10% of the world's computers running it, perhaps in the background. Then maybe it won't take so long (a few months, maybe a year or so). The computers don't even have to be very fast ! They would make it up in numbers. Numbers, baby !

    I'm sure a lot of people would be delighted to make use of their CPU cycles for the greater good. I even know someone with a dual core processor and the 2nd core is pretty much always lazying around, wasting electricity.

    Right now it's just a theory but it seems like a very plausible theory to me. Thoughts ?

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    semitope Guest
    We need someone not too busy with the important stuff to do this. The devs don't care for it right now.

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    zaror1992 Guest
    i'm a big supporter of this idea but we need a coder to do so, btw we can get the key at the first try its just a matter of "randomness".

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    It seems every few weeks this crops up.. no clue why though. All I can do is -Rep those who reply each time it does and close the threads.

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