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Thread: Multiply / Dual PS3 Payloads in one Dev board or key?

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    evilsperm Guest
    You can always make a dev board with a few flash chips on it. Then just have each chip switched on a different bank.

    Flip a switch to select the flash you want to use and your in business

    I would suggest using the Atmel at90usb1286 as it has 128kb flash! Or just use a few at90usb162's and 1 at90usb1286 for AsBestOS.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Indeed I've intentionally left out iPhone ot TI solutions as this is without the question you can keep multiply payloads there. What I'm after is the "standalone" key / dongle / board with such option for reason already discussed above.

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    tragedy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    ...frankly I seriously doubt you'll manage to do it in 5 seconds

    To get into DFU mode you need either to push about 4 times 2 buttons or re-insert the dongle several times into USB port and those having this type of JB device can confrim to you it's major PITA
    That sounds like a badly designed dongle then... My dongle has one button to enter DFU mode that I can press comfortably whilst plugging in the device to the PC USB port (I also have USB extension leads so my PS3 USB socket is right next to my PC USB socket on my desk).

    Also, my makefile is set up so I can just type "make dfu" from my source tree and it rebuilds the payload from source and reflashes the chip. Generally, if I've been fiddling with payloads already, that's just "up and enter". The actual flash process takes less than a second, but even doing a full build takes less than 5 seconds on my machine.

    You'll find the biggest problem is that the PS3 doesn't supply power to the USB bus until just before it checks for the dongle presence. So really you'd need to have button down = image 1, button up = image 2 and be holding the button from the moment of power-cycling the PS3 until the dongle was detected for the "other" image.

    BTW, I'm not saying I don't see the point, I'm just saying that practically it'd almost certainly make the dongle less easy to use. Also, if you need to swap between PS3s that often, surely it's easier to just get another dongle?

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