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Thread: MultiMAN - themes, background music and interface modifications

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    condorstrike Guest
    yeah, I get bored and always end up back to coding or photoshop, and since all I see is Eboot this and dongle that, I said let me throw a homebrew wrench in the PS3 scene.

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    condorstrike Guest
    next Solar update soon... figured out how to autolaunch Solar from XMB.. by itself...

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    hcode246 Guest

    Unofficial god of war theme for multiman

    Hi everyone. I have a new unofficial god war theme. I just figured out how to create my own xmb icons so I thought I'll show you my work. I made it from other old p3t themes that I got from ps3 news , other old multiman themes and my own pictures I downloaded off google. Thanks condorstrike for the icon0 and picpa images. Theme preview below

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    condorstrike Guest
    Status Update, I'm back... bringing new apps, including a Homebrew game called POINTMAN, won't release till they're 100% finished and usable on CFW4.21. Also updates to Solar and a couple of older/unreleased apps.

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    Apr 2005
    I have now added the Solar 4.2 for CFW 3.55-4.XX update to our Solar v4.2 PS3 Homebrew 3D Screensaver article and ongoing PS3 4.XX Homebrew ReSigned article with PS3LoadX_4.XX for 4.XX CFW as well.

    Also below is a Simply Red multiMAN Theme by Piratan who states the following: I use edited xmb icons from metro by CAWmaster condorstrike.

    Download: Simply Red multiMAN Theme

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    pinoytechno Guest
    wow! waiting for your next release

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    XBINX Cyro Guest
    Anyone have a clear Idea on how to add games to favorites, I read the changelog and I may have missed it? I added my roms with some covers all manually.. Problem is I have so many roms i only want to add the roms with covers to my favorites, any help is appreciated.

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    silencephaze Guest
    looks epic thanks for the amazing app!

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    hcode246 Guest

    New Batman Arkham City Theme for Multiman

    Hi everyone here with another theme, the Batman Arkham City Theme. I think this is the best theme I've made so far.

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    hcode246 Guest

    New Tomb Raider Theme for Multiman

    Check out my new Tomb Raider Multiman Theme. You can also download more of my themes from here:

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