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    thanks for this great program.

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    Video: Solar v2.5 PS3 Homebrew 3D Screensaver Update Arrives

    Following up on his previous release, PlayStation 3 developer condorstrike has made available a Solar v2.5 PS3 homebrew 3D screensaver update alongside a video of it in action below.

    Download: Solar v2.5 PS3 Homebrew 3D Screensaver

    To quote: Hi guys, Happy New Year 2012. sorry for the delay on Solar updates, been very busy with work and the site, so here you go. Solar v2.5.

    • Improvements and additions to MP3 player.
    • Added MP3's names.
    • Added Volume control.
    • Added fast forward and reverse.
    • Added continuous titles playback.
    • Added Dynamic MP3 names effects for each of the 3 current scenes.
    • Added Dynamic background Effects.
    • Added Atmospheric lighting effect, gives dimension effect specially in scene#1.
    • Increased particles effects and trajectories.
    • Added a spaceship
    • Added controller vibration.
    • Added other minor graphics changes, and many thing I can't remember now... lol

    I'll try to come up with faster updates in the future... Improve the MP3 player GUI, cleanup the code some more, will add a feature that is present but turned off, which is to be able to move the planets and ships manually and maybe add newsfeeds or something and also plug some memory leaks.

    Video: Solar v2.5 PS3 Homebrew 3D Screensaver Update Arrives

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    I'm glad condorstrike has updated solar to version 2.5.

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    On a special way it has something hypnotic!

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    sorry about that HeyManHRU, I was going to, but I was working most of the day on the 31st and 1st ...

    and then i was remaking tortuga's front page, and finishing up Solar... been too busy for my own good... lol

    btw, thanks for posting it boss.

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    I fixed his post hehe, basically I told him I didn't want you to feel obligated to post it here since you also run Tortuga-Cove, etc.

    I don't mind posting the news as time permits... it's what I do daily here pretty much!

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    it's no bother, I really love ps3news... and most other sites. I just need to make the days longer than 24 hours...

    I'm out, so tired... good night and Happy New Year everyone.

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    Heh, amen to that... I definitely hear ya and have a good night condorstrike!

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    Thank you very much for this update, condorstrike, I like a lot your Solar Homebrew, it's a very nice homebrew!

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    Thanks Ezio, i'm planning to continue support with more updates... it's become a nice hobby for me

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