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  1. #491
    condorstrike Guest

    Solar by Condorstrike, Released - A 3D Screensaver For Homebrew App's.

    Hi guys, Condorstrike is back in action and now released Solar. A beautiful PS3 3D screensaver for PlayStation 3 homebrew apps with effects, sound and work in progress FTP. Main reason I made this is to have something nice looking and to prevent burned-screens.

    This version spawns Rogero's manager, he will update the manager later to Spawn Solar, but I intend to make one for any other app eg: showtime or whatever as long as they have a proper SELF and coded to spawn with a timer to Solar.

    You can follow my progress and updates in Tortuga-Cove.com or here, even though this is a MM thread, lol.. Hijacked. CAW!

    Check the usage, changelog, download link and video below:

    Download: Solar V1 Multifunctional Homebrew Screensaver with 3D Support

    • SELECT pauses the music
    • START resumes it. lol
    • L3 respawns Solar
    • And all the other buttons will launch the app it's attached to, in this case Rogero Manager.

    • 3D and 2D playback.
    • 3 stable screens timed to eliminate screen burns.
    • Mp3 playback.
    • Dynamic effects.
    • This version works with Rogero Manager.

    Future Updates:
    • Ftp, ....still doesn't work right, so I'll leave it for a future update.
    • More screens.
    • More Dynamic effects, eg: asteroid hitting a planet.
    • Comets, well that already works but too late to add it.
    • User MP3 playback by drag/drop to CNDR00001 directory.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now promoted it to the main page and +Rep for the release condorstrike!

  3. #493
    condorstrike Guest
    As always, Thanks Boss.

    Hope my additions help the scene move forward if only a little. Anyways I'll stick with this project for now, really like it's potential, and what's brewing in my head for it... lol.


  4. #494
    costocart Guest
    wooow! that's beautiful can't wait to see it on my hdtv.

  5. #495
    Ezio Guest
    Nice work! I like it a lot! Download it and install it immediately!

  6. #496
    RevCube Guest

    Dynamic theme

    Nice work, is it possible to make this into a Dynamic Theme?

  7. #497
    condorstrike Guest
    sadly, no. the ps3's dynamic themes are some sort of voodo flash base 2D images, it won't do realtime 3D images.

    Also I'll try to find a way to make it auto-run from xmb... that would be cool.

  8. #498
    RevCube Guest
    Ok. its awesome anyways, can't wait for updates keep up the Good work.

  9. #499
    abaker Guest
    WOW isn't the earth turning backwards ?

  10. #500
    condorstrike Guest
    HEhe, you're right. I'll fix it in the next update... lol thx.

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