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    Bigshon Guest
    conderstrike how about a Dragon Ball Z theme?

  2. #42
    condorstrike Guest
    i got a couple of themes in the works, but a i'll make DBZ theme for sure... too popular not to make one.

    gotta say, this next theme I'm making is looking insane...

    can't wait to finish it. it's gonna be named "LEATHER" guess why...

  3. #43
    condorstrike Guest
    ok, guys... Here's theme Condorstrike 17: Leather with my nice background sound, some fonts colors changed and ready to "install from xmb"

    I personally like this one a lot... so if you like it, please comment...

  4. #44
    Bigshon Guest
    I got all your themes saved on my flash drive, they're all great!

  5. #45
    condorstrike Guest
    thanks, that's how I have them too...

    if only Dean would make a screen to install the themes... I would even host them if necessary...

  6. #46
    deank Guest
    I can implement XML or some plain txt file with theme links which multiMAN would accept and download images from the links... Along with the ICON0.PNG and some other things it could be available in the next update.


  7. #47
    condorstrike Guest
    "You are the man"...

    can't wait, thanks...

  8. #48
    melodeath82 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    ok guys, here's my Condorstrike 15 OBM PS3 Mod Theme: fleur de lis... for lack of a better name...
    Really diggin' this theme, thanks man!!

  9. #49
    ChokeD Guest
    dean shades_of_purple

    For any of you that want it. It only includes the 3 files shown. No icons.

    condorstrike if you would like you could .pkg my stuff and host it as well. If not it's all good.

    I'm thinking about starting on different textures instead of colors as well as preparing some more icons I have. As usual, if anyone has a request for something I might be able to handle, just ask.

  10. #50
    condorstrike Guest
    you got it ChokeD... Thanks.

    Dean, I found out by trial and error that it's the EBOOT.bin that's causing the icon not to show in xmb, I guess somewhere in the stripped code of the EBOOT I'm using, the void copy string was removed...

    I don't wanna mess with it, but just letting you know...

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