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    Dec 2009
    WOW condorstrike, amazing theme, I loved!

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    next up, a couple of different projects and some more MM themes out of the ordinary.

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    Big Grin

    condorstrike i love all your themes but since you brought up out of the ordinary any chance you can make a power ranger theme i mean from the original power rangers?

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    May 2010
    My second Multiman Theme- Crysis2 Nice FX Sound.

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    wow, that theme looks somewhat familiar...

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    well too be fair there's not much difference you can make except putting your name on some ripped pictures now is there!

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    I really don't care if people rip the themes apart for their personal use. But, don't re-release it with a wallpaper and name it your own, I spend a lot of time making these, and I think people would just have some courtesy.


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    that's fair enough dude and its appreciated, but its gonna happen is more what I meant...

    ya know being as its just a matter of swapping jpgs around etc. maybe you should watermark your stuff ? but on the other hand I don't think any of us have much concern for other peoples Intellectual Property rights, copyrighted material or indeed as you put it hard work.

    Copying is the highest form of flattery, its prob some 10 yr old who likes your design!

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    well, I've been working on a little something that's most useful for multiMAN during the site's downtime... stay tuned, i'll release it soon.

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    btw, here's some incoming screenshots for multiMAN's new view...

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