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  1. #351
    leukotic Guest
    Love the Aero theme Condor! Definitely my default theme and probably will remain that way for quite a while, it looks very professional. Only things I really didn't like was the music and the XMB launch icon. But really no big deal at all, the main meat of this theme is amazing. Thanks!

  2. #352
    SK47 Guest
    How do I make theme in the pkg file and then file mmt ??

  3. #353
    dimit3 Guest
    seriously, i like your aero creation man!

  4. #354
    condorstrike Guest

    theme Condorstrike 46: XMM

    Ok guys, here's theme Condorstrike 46: XMM

    includes a nice glass mouse cursor, enjoy.

    and as always Thanks Dean.


  5. #355
    jac72 Guest

    SuckerPunch multiMAN theme ver 1.0

    Time for me to give back. Thanks for all of your great work Dean and thanks to the rest of you for a great community. Here's my new SuckerPunch movie theme ver 1.0, tested with multiMAN 1.16.10. Hope it brings some enjoyment. Attached a few screenies below.

    I would have loved to have had it in a pkg form, but I haven't figured that out yet. For now FTP'ing the folder over is straight-forward enough.



  6. #356
    condorstrike Guest
    For those that like Aero, I'll be releasing it's brother pretty soon..

  7. #357
    FMAranda Guest
    yay! I'm a huge fan of Aero.

  8. #358
    condorstrike Guest

    Theme Condorstrike 47: Steel Aero.

    Ok guys, here we go... Aero's big brother.

    condorstrike 47: Steel Aero. hope you like it, and as always thanks Dean.

    "Warning" [3D, kinda], I don't know what this theme will do to people with Epilepsy... "Warning"


  9. #359
    jhomer Guest
    Awesome theme as always. Great work.

  10. #360
    SK47 Guest
    I want to... how to make files pkg please?

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