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Thread: MultiMAN - themes, background music and interface modifications

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    whompus60 Guest
    Keep them coming man.

    When you get a chance can you look at this one for me? It feels to me like its missing something. You will notice it is a rework of one off yours to make this one so I left your name on it in spots. If you could clean it up where needed, if needed and make it a pkg would be great.

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    LethalNFS Guest
    I keep getting an error when I try to install the theme .pkg I am using Wutangrza.

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    condorstrike Guest

    MultiMAN OBM PS3 Mod Condorstrike 45 Aero Theme is Released

    Ok guys, here we go with a fresh MultiMAN Condorstrike 45 Aero OBM PS3 Mod Theme!

    Download: MultiMAN PS3 Theme: Condorstrike 45 Aero

    It is currently my newest favorite Theme: Condorstrike 45 Aero - a beautiful theme, including a new beautiful Legend and mouse cursors... put a lot of time and effort on this one, but I think it shows.

    Enjoy.. and as always, Thanks Dean.

    My other recent MultiMAN PS3 Themes:

    [imglink=|MultiMAN OBM PS3 Mod Condorstrike 45 Aero Theme is Released][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    D4RK Guest
    It's also my favorite theme now, condorstrike!

    Thanks a lot for your great work again.

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    boob4me Guest

    Big Grin

    Thanks and great work condor!!

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    FMAranda Guest

    This is the best theme, really, thanks.

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    LethalNFS Guest
    How are you guys making these themes? I do not understand how to edit the .mmt file?

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    condorstrike Guest
    Tacos Rule!

    I might have something nice coming down the pike, keep an eye out...

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    mohammedessam Guest

    Big Grin

    great theme really love it. keep it up!


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    condorstrike Guest
    Time to update my Themes, already working on it...

    a little sample.
    Edit: Here's Theme: 45 Aero, updated...Enjoy.

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