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  1. #331
    nathanj Guest
    thanks man, appreciate it.

  2. #332
    condorstrike Guest

    Theme: Condorstrike 43 Celtics

    Ok, by popular demand...

    Here is another Theme: Condorstrike 43 Celtics, a very nice theme even for non-fans, including a new Legend, and a new mouse cursor...

    Thanks Dean.

  3. #333
    whompus60 Guest
    Nice one again Condor... I have been working on a boot screen attached.

    Can you give me some hints on how to get rough edges more rounded?

  4. #334
    condorstrike Guest
    you could refine edges or blur then out a bit, good luck

  5. #335
    condorstrike Guest

    Theme: Condorstrike 44 Factor5

    Ok guys, here we go.

    Here is another requested Theme: Condorstrike 44 Factor5, a beautiful theme, including new Metallic Legends, and a new mouse cursors... and it's a sign of things to come... better quality themes and updates to the old ones.

    and as always, Thanks Dean.

  6. #336
    evertonsteve Guest
    hi, anyone explain how i can submit game covers to dean as i'm going to do some for ones that haven't them.

  7. #337
    whompus60 Guest
    I would scan them, size them to 260 x 300, zip or rar them to one folder, and attach it to his thread here http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...14315-334.html with a message saying its covers that is missing.

  8. #338
    FMAranda Guest
    condorstrike Amazing theme, this will be my default theme for multiMAN.

  9. #339
    condorstrike Guest
    then just wait till for see what I'm making for tomorrow...

    you'll probably like it more.

  10. #340
    FMAranda Guest
    ok, lets wait then, I'm curious.

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