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  1. #301
    condorstrike Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by matrixdts View Post
    Thanks but the theme does not show up in multiman just the original themes.
    that's probably cause you have to press R2 to go down the list and see the rest of the themes.

  2. #302
    matrixdts Guest
    Thanks condorstrike. Pressed R2 and another 10 themes appeared. Thanks again man great theme by the way +rep.

  3. #303
    waznagi Guest
    it's working on 3.55 kmeaw..

  4. #304
    LethalNFS Guest
    I am trying to make my own theme but I do not know how to edit the .mmt file? Are there instructions anywhere on to make a theme?

    I want to make a Final Fantasy VII theme.

  5. #305
    scottbaylo Guest
    Mr. Strike, was just wondering if you saw my request for an earthbound theme? Not trying to be a penis, but I love your themes, and was just wanting to know if you think you'll have time to do it. Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. #306
    condorstrike Guest
    Ok guys, I'm still working on the themes, but I have something nice for you all... Condorstrike Themes Mega-Pack is all my themes ready to install with 1 click...

    also, I'm, currently working in a Factor 5 Theme as requested by someone.


  7. #307
    evertonsteve Guest
    hi mate, do you plan to put themes downloadable through multiman and did you update the theme megapack as the one there now is the same i think.

  8. #308
    bitsbubba Guest
    new mega pack has 41 themes..

  9. #309
    evertonsteve Guest
    i only see one that has 22, do you have a link to it mate?

  10. #310
    condorstrike Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evertonsteve View Post
    i only see one that has 22, do you have a link to it mate?
    mega-pack is in the 1st page, and if you only see a few in File Manager, then you need to press R2 to scroll down the list.

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