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    sorry for maybe asking study question but is this going to work on mulitman 01.15.04 this is the only multiman that does't freeze on me.

    i like the jet black one.

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    yes, it will work with any multiMan version from 13.x.x and up.

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    thank you for your hard work.

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    my multiman is no longer running games when i choose not to boot direct to game but use the bd rom emulator... When i choose a game to load in the hdd it will not show up as a br in the xmb but will show the actual game i have in the drive... what could i have done wrong? (thanks for any help)

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    looks great, i will try it.

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    Applying The Theme

    I know this a silly question but how do you apply the theme?

    I have installed the pkg but it does not show up in the xmb themes folder.

    Thanks and sorry for the silly question.

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    in multiman:

    1. select the file browser view
    2. at the top of the screen select themes
    3. in the right hand file list select a theme folder (the name of the theme you want applied)
    4. select the themename.mmt file

    all done you should now have a nice new theme applied.

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    Thanks but the theme does not show up in multiman just the original themes.

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    fixed my last problem but when i run uncharted 2 from disc everything is fine so maybe i was thinking it was my disc then i read in another forum that certain internal hddds can cause fmv skiping when running from a backup manager... Is there anyway to fix this issue with software?? Can dean perhaps add this to do list in the next release?

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    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    Well guys, next up is a really nice Sega Genesis Theme , and don't worry... all the requested themes are being made...
    I know you're hard working on all your complex themes, which we all appreciate, I know I do!

    I requested a fairly basic theme 3 weeks ago, which is a clone of Flex Manager, or NetFlix on the wii.

    Just hoping my request hasn't been overlooked with the copious amounts of requests out there

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