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    stroke619 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by laz305 View Post
    what is the dir for the other themes to change the sound? cuz I put the sound.bin in the BES80608 folder and it played fine but then when I change themes no sound.
    game\BLES80608\USRDIR\themes\*theme name*\

    make sure the SOUND.BIN is in the same theme folder as the one you apply.

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    VastorZ Guest
    Thanks for all your work condorstrike.

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    stroke619 Guest
    My second theme...

    It even includes the new 4 backgrounds for the new display, it overwrites them in order to work but don't worry I have a backup

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    condorstrike Guest

    Theme Condorstrike 40: Jet Black.

    Ok guys, here a new Theme: Theme Condorstrike 40: Jet Black.

    Including new multi-cover screen, Thanks Dean...

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Edit: minor correction on navigation has been fixed, please re-download. thanks. Jhomer for pointing it out...

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    stroke619 Guest
    hey condorstrike when you apply your new theme does it change the walls on the new display?

    cause the only way I can dot it was by overwriting the originals, it wouldn't apply them with the theme.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Thanks condorstrike, good work!

  7. #277
    jhomer Guest
    Thanks condorstrike for all the themes. Loved theme 40 (music is epic ) but i think theres a minor error in one theme as:

    circle says to delete and square to copy.

    Hope this can be fixed. Cheers.

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    tonybologna Guest
    condorstrike: Could you make me a Boston Celtics theme? It can be a Celtics them of your choosing. Thanks for your work!

  9. #279
    condorstrike Guest
    it has been corrected, Thanks Jhomer...

  10. #280
    jhomer Guest
    Downloaded and tested: perfect!

    Thank you.

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