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Thread: MultiMAN - themes, background music and interface modifications

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    jaykumar2001 Guest
    sorry for asking this again, hope its not taken otherwise. How do I change the default Multiman theme, how do I apply a new theme?

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    condorstrike Guest
    Install from xmb, then click on [Themes] tab in multiMan's [File Manager] pick a theme and click on the .mmt file.

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    jaykumar2001 Guest


    Thanks a lot..

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    knight1978 Guest
    nice themes, and multiman forever!

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    swatpup32 Guest
    Issue: FTP
    Error: 550 File System Error (ENOTMOUNTED)
    Solution (FlashFXP): Site Manager -> Options -> check 'Site does not support FEAT'

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    stroke619 Guest
    Hey guys just made my first theme, but I wanna know how can I make it into a pkg file?

    Here's some pics

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    pratesh Guest
    Thanks for the themes Condorstrike. Any chance of some Anime themes, namely Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam 00, Code Geass etc?

    Thanks again.

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    stroke619 Guest
    Alright so I just finished my theme and packed it into a pkg for easy transfer.

    I introduce you to SLiK, my first theme for multiMAN.

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    Blurry74 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by enotsleachim View Post
    click R2 i believe it is.
    Oh my... Thank you

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    laz305 Guest
    what is the dir for the other themes to change the sound? cuz I put the sound.bin in the BES80608 folder and it played fine but then when I change themes no sound.

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