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    Senior Member harveychan's Avatar
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    take yor time bro.. your work is becoming well respected.

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    guys, a very basic question, I do I change the default theme of Multiman? (apply a different theme)

    Thanks in advance

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    in file manager click themes uptop.then scroll through. pick a theme click it and then click its .mmt i believe it is.

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    Theme Condorstrike 39: SONIC.

    Ok guys, Here's the new MultiMAN OBM PS3 Mod Theme- Condorstrike 39: SONIC!

    Download: Theme Condorstrike 39: SONIC

    I apologize, I was sick like a dog and couldn't release it last night as promised, but I think the delay was worth it.

    Theme Condorstrike 39: SONIC.

    Hope you like it as I do...

    Enjoy, and here is my previous one that I call Theme Condorstrike 38: WHITE GUI as well.

    MultiMAN Condorstrike 39 SONIC OBM PS3 Mod Theme Arrives

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    Last edited by condorstrike; 02-23-2011 at 08:36 PM

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    Awesome sonic theme condor!

    How come your covers look so much better than mine lol

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    That looks great, thanks a lot !

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    Where can I put theme in multiman ? I want to make my own theme. And what size of theme should I make to put into multiman ? Thanks.

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    looking good condor.. thanks as always.

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    Dean, Great work on multiman, i now use it exclusively...

    One thing that has always been a problem for me though it the dir/file listings in the file browser... my lists are longer than the viewable area inside the file manager window & the list(s) do not scroll down to show items below the last visible in the list... The cursor still jumps down dir (or file) by dir, however after reaching the bottom visible entry, the cursor then jumps down the same amount into the icons at the bottom, rather than scrolling the list.

    I probably could have explained it easier, but there it is... Is that something that can easily be fixed, or am i doing something wrong ?


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    click R2 i believe it is.


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