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  1. #241
    daveshooter Guest
    Condorstrike, very nice work bud, and thanks to you as well, for your on going work with Dean on a very useful app. I asked once for something like the XBMC for the PS3, and I love the way Dean and yourself have put together something that is both useful and full of eye candy, it makes things so much more enjoyable when things look how we like it and not stuck with default settings, so thanks gays again for that alone.

    I still wonder how the hell you guys continue adding and updating all the time and keep the threads updated as well, with out taking time out for for than what seems only 2 or 3 hours going by your work activity, amazes me.

    So thanks for making my PS3 assessible and customizable as it is to day.

  2. #242
    condorstrike Guest
    Thanks Dave, that statement makes me really happy and that's the reason why I do it...

    new theme, either tonight or tomorrow... really nice theme...

  3. #243
    klurosu Guest
    What 'bout a Bad Company 2 vietnam theme?

    thx in advance

  4. #244
    scottbaylo Guest
    Good evening, mr. Strike. I thought of another theme, if you have time after the other requests. Earthbound! Hope you're a fan. I'd love to see a collage of ness, and the gang scrolling across my ps3, similar to your littlebigplanet theme. Please don't litter it with mr. Saturns if at all possible and how about the ness-brain-boss thingy from the end as the main art? With the awesome techno-y fight music (if you remember that) thanks bro!

  5. #245
    h3n0g00d Guest
    has anyone made a high quality PNG covers pack? that'd be pretty awesome i've seen some nice covers but i have so many games it'd take forever to make them all lol

  6. #246
    harveychan Guest
    just wondering if a alabama crimson tide ncaa college football theme could be created?

  7. #247
    condorstrike Guest
    New theme will be released tonight, and I'll start on requests again...

  8. #248
    OEPRules Guest
    Oregon Ducks NCAA college football theme? Thanks for considering it

  9. #249
    sharp30 Guest
    Hi, thank you for all the great work you do.. if requests are being taken mine would be call of duty mw2 as i am a die hard fan of the game thanks.

  10. #250
    condorstrike Guest
    Well, sorry guys, it's 3:36am and I'm still not done with the theme... I'm trying to come out with something that make people say WOW that's alot of details... so have patience... I'll release it later today.

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