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  1. #221
    FMAranda Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dirtylion View Post
    condorstrike any news about the gaia clone theme ?
    I believe it's the GUI theme.

  2. #222
    beaters Guest
    Condorstrike: Great work man, I've been working on a few themes myself and was wondering how I go about converting them into a .pkg for release, I just been ftping them myself to test them.

  3. #223
    NewYears1978 Guest
    You don't HAVE to pkg them up I don't think?

    But I think the program you use to do it (well there are several) is called FastPKG... easy to use.

  4. #224
    The Russian Guest
    Great looking themes condorstrike Keep up great work. Glad to be new member of this awesome site.

  5. #225
    randomusername Guest
    Sorry, I've had a search around, is there one big install package that has all themes in it, or is there one place which lists all the themes to download ?

  6. #226
    keeshanjohay Guest
    Hey i know i already ask for a theme (Despicable Me). But could you make one with the attached file or similar i love street fighter. Thanks for all your help. I also have all your themes on my ps3 lol.

  7. #227
    condorstrike Guest
    no sorry, for some reason it never worked from HDD... gonna try again tomorrow.

    btw guys, I'll be adding another GUI theme, this time in white...

  8. #228
    NewYears1978 Guest
    My simple GUI-ish theme

  9. #229
    condorstrike Guest

    Theme Condorstrike 38: WHITE GUI.

    Well here we go guys, for those that like the GUI themes...

    Theme Condorstrike 38: WHITE GUI.

  10. #230
    woodoste Guest
    Hi Condorstrike, I love your manager :-)

    I wanna load covers from the folder "COVERS" which is inside my USB HDD, what should I change in the .ini file?


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