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Thread: MultiMAN - themes, background music and interface modifications

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    condorstrike Guest
    Thanks Dean, i'll keep an eye out for it, thanks a lot... this will make for more variety of themes. +rep, asap.

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    ChokeD Guest
    Very, very helpful. This will make for some real nice themes.


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    deank Guest
    You can now update to 01.11.04:
    • Added support for custom interface colors (COLOR.INI)
    • Added support for [LASTPLAY] game application
    • Fixed PL3 payload lock after internet update
    • Fixed multiple game/video listing
    • Have a nice X-MAS and support multiMAN and multiAVCHD!

    COLOR.INI (/dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/COVER.INI)
    #AA - ALPHA TRANSPARENCY (00-Fully transparent, FF fully opaque)
    #BB - BLUE
    #GG - GREEN
    #RR - RED
    Just like options.ini, if you plug a USB stick with COLOR.INI it will be used by multiMAN (no need to ftp the file). If you wish to restore original colors after you made a change - either use the code from above or delete COVER.INI from /USRDIR/ folder.


    ERRR... the file is COLOR.INI (not COVER.INI)

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    condorstrike Guest
    thank you... Dean.

    merry X-MAS for you and you family...

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    condorstrike Guest
    ok guys, here's condorstrike 14 theme: as requested Wii2.0 "White" with "colored fonts"...

    I'm getting comfortable with the color tables, so it doesn't look odd, but I think it came out good...

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    condorstrike Guest
    Btw, guys... remember that Sound and fonts color carry over from the previous theme, as seen below. so if needed all you have to do is overwrite with default.

    so, if needed all you have to do is overwrite with default.

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    deank Guest
    #condorstrike: I think I can make the 'theme' ICON0.PNG to appear in the XMB after a restart/reboot or something. If you include ICON0.PNG in the USRDIR folder, I'll make multiMAN check for it and copy it over to the BLES80608 folder.

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    condorstrike Guest
    that would be awesome, as for me it only overwrites when a new theme is installed.

    let me know if it works, and i'll include a copy in USDIR from now on...

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    ChokeD Guest

    shades_of_blue & shades_of_red

    I got some shades_of_red to share this time. They also go well with the icons I shared before. Here are both packs. If I knew exactly how to pack them up in a .pkg I would. I have an environment set up already, any pointer condorstrike ?? Nice themes you been having man, myself, I don't care for picture backgrounds but your themes are nice, real nice. +rep to ya.

    Please +rep me or add feedback if you like these. Also any color requests will be considered.


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    condorstrike Guest
    ok guys, here's my Condorstrike 15 OBM PS3 Mod Theme: fleur de lis... for lack of a better name...

    Download: multiMan condorstrike15 Theme

    hopefully with Dean's next update, the beautiful Icon will stay in xmb if so desired... some fonts coloring and my background sound... hope you like, please comment.

    thanks Dean for multiMan...

    Some of my previous OBM PS3 Mod Themes are below with the rest HERE and I'll take requests, if they're sane...

    [imglink=|MultiMAN Condorstrike 15 OBM PS3 Mod Theme, Taking Requests][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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