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    Registered User dirtylion's Avatar
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    hi condorstrike,

    Is it possible to make a gaia clone theme.. this would be great.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    weiter so

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    is more beautiful than I expected!!

    great work, it's fantastic!!!
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    here's my transformers theme, this will be the last one i post on ps3 news. i will be doing more but they will only be avalible on my site. i won't post a link but it has spiffy in the url.
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    Mate this theme is really good thanks a lot! I especially like the XMB icon for it!

    One question can I change the Filemanager background so it is the wave pic as well? and if so which file in the theme directory do I need to rename?

    Thanks again great work!

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    # HoldFast, I'm halfway done with the butterfly theme, It'll be done by tomorrow.

    coming out nice/clean and slick, I'm enjoying this one since is not that complicated...

    # dirtylion, I can do a theme with that layout if you'd like, I just won't be naming it Gaia, ok.
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    condorstrike, Have you seen the interface of the Flex Manager?

    Are you able to make a mockup/clone of that one? I think it's simple, sleek and have been waiting for one for months


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    condorstrike thank you, this would be very nice !

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    Butterflies will be done tonight, had to actually do some drawings to make it complete, I think people will like what I did... , so I'll be done late at night, keep an eye out.

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    That's sweet!!! Can't wait to check it out.

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    Awesome. Thanks for the fast work!


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