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    nice work, bravo !!!

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    condorstrike, Whatever you need to do. You are the expert.

    When you say invert do you mean switching the white and black? Or flipping it upside down?

    Maybe that's a stupid question. I would suggest you change the font color to Red or something IF THAT'S POSSIBLE. I realize Black or White wouldn't work b/c at some point either one wouldn't be visible. I know nothing about any of this though. That is just my favorite wallpaper of all time.

    Like I said do whatever you can... every theme I've seen you make looks good.

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    I meant that the white will be on the right instead of the left...It'll look good.

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    That's what I thought you meant... yeah that would be perfect. Thanks in advance!

    I think this will be a really popular theme.

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    Guys, The Amiga/Shadow of the Beast Theme is 75% done, but I won't be finished till really late tonight cause I'm working... keep an eye out tonight...

    Holdfast, yours is next...

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    Dec 2009

    Ok, I know that you're busy but I want to make a request (my #1 ). No rush, ok?

    I was thinking of you create a theme about TV Shows, it needs to have Smallville, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory and Friends. That's my idea, a theme about TV Shows with at least the shows above, of course you can put any other you want. I'll be really thankful for that!

    Oh, and you could make a background to use with filemanager and slide mode just like the creator of Colors did.

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    FMaranda, you got it... I actually like this.

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    Dec 2009
    Good, thanks!

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    thanks my friends, appreciated!

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    Condorstrike Theme 31: Amiga.

    Ok guys, Here's a new Theme: Condorstrike 31: Amiga.

    If you don't know what an Amiga is... lol, google it. btw doing this Theme brought back so many memories.

    sorry it took so long, but there's not much reference to work with. Hope you like it.

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