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Thread: MultiMAN - themes, background music and interface modifications

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    jsjar Guest
    thanks dean, in a future release would it be posible to add .png suport with transparency for the icons.

    i've got a few ideas for icons but they don't really work well in the jpeg format.

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    condorstrike Guest
    .png are not supported by multiMan , and it's not worth it if it slows down multiMan.

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    Guids Guest
    Does the new multiman 01.13.00 also has lv2 patch included? thanks for the awesome work!

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    OlderButHarder Guest
    Can I suggest something? remember iso list on xbox? why you not do, a short video low quality preview when i select a games from the list?

    i think this make the multiman more sexy!!

    Condor, i'm waiting with eyes full of tears AMIGA theme!!!

    thanks a lot

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    condorstrike Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Guids View Post
    Does the new multiman 01.13.00 also has lv2 patch included? thanks for the awesome work!
    yes it does, all games work good for me.

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    jotavip Guest
    Dean, thanks for the update.

    I was having issues with your last version, GT5 and Uncharted 2 freezes all the time.

    This version corrects it? I am using Waninkoko CFW.

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    renanbianchi Guest
    Wanikoko is not supported by multiman, i strongly suggest you to go back to OFW through recovery and install Kmeaws CFW.

    Deanrr, what version of lv2.pkg you implemented on Multiman?

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    deank Guest
    This update is for kmeaw's CFW. It has all you need and I'll strongly suggest to update to it.

    I updated one of my fat 80GB consoles this afternoon to do some tests and so far all is working really nice.

    The link for the CFW 3.55KMW is in the first post in this thread: Use the one from kmeaw.

    For multiMAN: update within the manager. I'll update the first post later.

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    condorstrike Guest
    Dean, I actually deleted the "omg" lv2.pkg just now, since is not needed any-more. all games run fine for me, I repeat all games...

    but that's just me, some people say they're having problems, maybe the way they upgraded to 3.55, i don't know.

    btw, love the seeing BG in xmb... thanks.

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    jotavip Guest
    Ok, to return to 3.55 OFW I don't need a USB dongle to donwgrade, correctly? Only enter recovery mode and install de OFW?

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