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  1. #131
    condorstrike Guest

    condorstrike theme 26: GOW.

    Ok guys, I was gonna release this in a 3-pack, but whatever...

    Condorstrike Theme 26: GOW hope you like... enjoy.

    update: Themes install ok with Kmeaw's 3.55 CFW! verified by me...

  2. #132
    OlderButHarder Guest
    GOW theme it's fantastic!

    i love this, now i waiting shadow of the beast 2 theme... ops!

  3. #133
    condorstrike Guest
    Thanks, and I'm working on it...

  4. #134
    jsjar Guest
    here's a theme i've just finished, there is also a xmb background included but you will have to add it to your multiman folder manually.

  5. #135
    condorstrike Guest

    condorstrike 27: Dead Space

    Ok guys, Here's theme condorstrike 27: Dead Space hope you like it...

    and as always, thanks Dean.

    btw, Amiga theme will be done by the saturday.

  6. #136
    deank Guest
    You can now update to 01.13.00 within multiMAN.
    • Added support for CFW 3.55KMW and latest PL3 (kmeaw)
    • Added check for proper access permissions
    • [FW 3.55]: [R1] resets access permissions for selected game
    • [Last Game] application updated (separate download)
    • [ps3serv] PC application updated (separate download)
    • Other fixes and improvements

    I'll update the first post later with full/base/mega packages. I'll include the last themes in it.

    #condorstrike: I'm adding the FALLOUT theme as 28, so have in mind for the numbering for the next theme


  7. #137
    condorstrike Guest
    awesome Dean, thanks for the update. the update works perfect... thanks.

  8. #138
    jsjar Guest
    here's another one, i do have one more but it sucks.

  9. #139
    deank Guest
    You may have to install the package from the first page (when I update the post).

    There are some changes. Now AVCHD/BDMV from internal HDD works, too. I'll also add jsjar (+rep!) Colors theme as 29.


  10. #140
    sharp30 Guest


    brilliant thanks, your multiman is the best manager out i use mine more for blu ray rips and music thank you dean and tron is the best theme out.

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