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  1. #121
    Crackdown Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    LBP theme is awesome!
    dean can i ask you news for multiman working on 3.55 custom firm?

  2. #122
    condorstrike Guest
    thanks guys... it's getting downloaded a lot for a Saturday, I guess people like it...

  3. #123
    Crackdown Guest
    it's my favourite, this and metal theme (i love heavy metal, and i like steel theme... hehehe).

    Now go out of the forum, and work for some old theme (amiga 500 and/or shadow of the beast 2)

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    thanks guys... it's getting downloaded a lot for a Saturday, I guess people like it...
    I promoted it to the main page now as well, and +Rep for your continued hard work condorstrike.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    First time i tried the themes... amazing works guys... the BOTH of you.

  6. #126
    boob4me Guest

    Big Grin

    LBP... by far your best work!! keep it up bro. I would like to see a god of war 3 theme with lots of blood & gore !!! if you have time lol

    thanks for your hard work & time!!... peace

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    darkcast Guest
    can some point me to a tutorial for creating themes ?


  8. #128
    condorstrike Guest
    I'm actually working on several themes at the moment. spoiler... , "GOW3 & Dead Space", both are looking insane...

    Edit: Crackdown I found what I needed to do your theme...

    I have to work on 3 themes so gimme like 3-4 days and I'll release it as a 3-pack.

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    GTluver Guest
    How do I add or change a theme? or erase... TIA

  10. #130
    condorstrike Guest
    1) install theme from xmb.
    3) go into multiMan.
    2) press [select + start] takes you to "FILE MANAGER"
    4) hover to [THEMES] and pick the theme you want to use, then click on the [.mmt] file, it'll change automatically.

    Well, GOW theme is done, and Dead-Space is halfway done, was thinking of releasing a batch of 3 but depending on you guys I might release GOW already, for now I'm going to sleep... 4:36am over here...

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