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    i need help, when i load multiman, some cover missed. For example 50 cents cover (bles00472) is missed.

    How i can add a cover directly in multiman, if i select an image on my hard disk? i can?

    or i want be this manually, hoe i can do this?and where i put missed cover? cover are a specific format, or i can put a not specific height weight image?

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    ftp covers to: dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers

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    tnx condor i have a request! can you make for me a theme for multiman with shadow of the beast 2?

    i put intro music on multiman, and i think this is great for a manager, please make this, or explain how i can make this!!

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    wow, you went old-school. shadow of the beast...haven't heard that name in years.

    I'll add it to my queu of requests.

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    Two mega packages available:

    multiMAN ver 1.12.04 MEGA [20110108_153300] [23 THEMES] [889 COVERS] [PS3SERV] [LASTGAME] (140MB)(DOWNLOAD LINK)

    * multiMAN Theme Package [23 themes] (112MB) (DOWNLOAD LINK)

    For those of you who wish to have a simple ALL-IN-ONE package, which is easy to distribute and install on a clean system - the mega package includes installation of multiMAN will all accessories.


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    the mega package Dean posted already has the covers in them, are you missing some?

    if so all you have to do is [make or download] the covers you're missing and ftp to dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers

    there's nothing else to it , and make sure you have the right name to the corresponding game. good luck...

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    I have downloaded image of cover from internet, and downloaded the pack linked above, i put all the cover with 260x300 size and jpeg format in the hdd0://cover directory, on my internal ps3 hard disk, renamed all the image os games id, but when i load multiman, cover not appear!!

    what's wrong? why do not you implement an option in Multiman, where it can go manually to choose the cover to associate with the game? or tell me how you put the covers missing, which does not drain from the network, because what you told me not working

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    1) As explained by condorstrike, the default path to store covers is /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/covers

    2) There is an option in the ini to set ANY folder to store covers.


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    Dean tnx for answer, but i know where are cover default, if i put my cover in to this... no?
    but this not solve problem... why?

    repeat, my cover is 260x300 jpeg format. NAMEOFGAME.JPEG but not work...

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    You don't read, do you. The JPG must be named properly with the game ID.


    or whatever the game ID is.

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