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Thread: MultiMAN - themes, background music and interface modifications

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    deank Guest

    Big Grin MultiMAN - themes, background music and interface modifications

    (FW X.xx) Themes MEGA PACK: Original multiMAN theme + 22 themes by condorstrike (107MB)

    multiMAN ver 1.12.04 MEGA [20110108_153300] [23 THEMES] [889 COVERS] [PS3SERV] [LASTGAME].rar
    Download link:

    multiMAN THEME PACKAGE (Original theme plus 22 themes by condorstrike)
    Download link:

    (FW X.xx) Theme package_: 4 themes by condorstrike + 1 original multiMAN theme (no bg music)

    (Theme #5 by condorstrike)
    (Theme #6 by condorstrike)
    (Theme #7 by condorstrike)
    (Theme #8 by condorstrike) (BATMAN)
    (Theme #9 by condorstrike) (TRON)
    (Theme #10 by condorstrike) (METAL)

    Q: How to change multiMAN's background music?
    A: Pick a MP3 file of your choice. Rename it to SOUND.BIN. Copy it to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/ on your PS3.

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    GrOoVeR Guest
    That's more better! well done

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    condorstrike Guest
    Wow, came back from work... and saw this, and Lastplay option... things move so fast, thanks Dean...

    btw, guys. will release Wii theme tonight or tomorrow morning.

    Edit: condorstrike Mega Pack is attached below.

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    condorstrike Guest
    Here's a repack of themes 1 through 7, had to redo the labels for File Manager and overscan.

    please use this, and install from xmb...

    themes 8, 9, 10 & 11 are fine.

    and here's theme 11: Aurora.

    Dean forgot to post it.

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    ChokeD Guest
    I would like to share a few basic icons and BG I made up real quick. Grabbed them from some themes I had for the PS3 and converted them over to MultiMan size and spec. I converted the (OFF) that was an original of MultiMan cause it fit so well with the others. Check them out people and +rep or give some feedback.

    P.S. I plan on making some more in an assortment of colors.


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    ChokeD Guest
    Nice themes condorstrike... +1 rep

    Sorry about the double post. Just added a few borders to the picks above real quick. Here ya go...

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    condorstrike Guest
    ok, guys...

    Here's 2 themes, Condorstrike 12 & 13 both Wii2.0, but 12 is black version and 13 is green version... for different tastes...
    and with a nice background sound, "install from xmb".

    please leave comments...

    Wii2.0: Black

    Wii2.0: Green

    hope you like...

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    bitsbubba Guest
    nice but what about white?

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    condorstrike Guest
    can't do it without some colored fonts, i'll ask Dean if he can create 1, i'll get back to you on that...

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    deank Guest
    Here is what I did...

    This is the default COLOR.INI file saved as


    #AA - ALPHA TRANSPARENCY (00-Fully transparent, FF fully opaque)
    #BB - BLUE
    #GG - GREEN
    #RR - RED
    #condorstrike: You can check these colors in photoshop to get the idea. Have in mind that the color picker in photoshop uses normal RRGGBB format.

    I'll post a new version later which will support this format.


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