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    You need to transfer the MMXI folder to the PS3 where are the other theme stored - using either FTP or USB flash drive / hard drive and copy them over via MultiMAN.

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    Thanks GrandpaHomer for reply. I will use FTP to transfer the MMXI Folder to the PS3 Folder where the theme stored but how about the another folder (The Media Cabinet Construction Kit v1.0)

    where should I put into ? or I just transfer the MMXI Folder will do ?

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    The other one does not need to be transferred. It is only there if you want to customize the theme to your liking with Photoshop.

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    As said above - the other folder (with one file in it) is just a template for Photoshop and it's not need on PS3.

    Also - I must say this is the best theme by far and it has become instantly my default one - thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xtream13 View Post
    I want to add my own background music, where would I place the file and do I use mp3?

    nevermind I just jacked the sound.bin from aero2.0 and placed it in the media cabinet then FTP it over and sound works!
    I did the same with the music from Aero45... Completes the theme!!!

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    here are some Mario character's for yall to enjoy. Hope you like fist try at photoshop.. lol

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