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    deank Guest

    Lightbulb multiMAN - loading of PS2 backups (test)

    Here is a thread to discuss PS2 game backups loading with multiMAN for PS3 consoles which support Playstation(r)2 software/games.

    About PS2 games...

    Here is what I did today...

    1) I modified JaiC USB Firm Loader to load /dev_flash from MemoryStick card (and from SDHC card and from USB) so now I can use the tool with custom DEV_FLASH without wasting USB ports

    Here is a link to the installable PKG. It will install in different location and will not overwrite JailC FirmLoader..

    If you wish - use the original firmloader (attached below).

    2) I modified:


    What I did was to use the ORIGINAL category_game.xml (which is used when your PS3 is not jail-broken) - it means that it shows EVERYTHING as a normal retail (not JB console)

    Of course then you'll loose /app_home and * Install package files, so I added few lines in the XML and now it shows everything a RETAIL (non-JB console shows) + the dev options:

    In the beginning of the XML (~line 60) right after

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    AND at the end of the XML right after the

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

    If you don't want to manually edit the file, just download the attached category_game_tool2.xml extract and save it in /vsh/resource/explore/xmb/ of your USB or MSC where you have your /dev_flash dumped.

    With this it should show your PS2 game discs in jailbroken mode and will help us proceed further.



    1) You copy the CONTENTS of /dev_flash to your USB stick (or memoryStick if using the modded version of JaiC...)

    so your USB has these folders in the root:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    2) Replace the .xml file as described above
    3) Start the firm-loader
    4) You'll see the USB blinking and then it will return to XMB

    If you mounted dev_flash from the USB successfully you'll see the USB blinking often when you move in the XMB...

    If all is okay you'll see PS2 memory card option and other things in the XMB/Game tab.

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    adr990 Guest
    Loading the CFW up gives me a black screen at the moment.

    I placed all folders in root this time. not USB:/DEV_Flash, but all folders inside DEV_Flash into the ROOT of the USB stick.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    deanrr do you know of any way to dump a PS2 game to the int. HDD or does it have to be ftped over? I have tried this before (with USB Loader), but never could get MultiMAN to even see an original PS2 game.

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    blueheart Guest
    thanks boss the operation has succeeded

    my ps3 60GBuk . i kept the folders in MS:\bdplayer

    everything is alright... but there is slight problem the PS2cd does not appear on the game list

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    cfwprophet Guest
    You don't need to edit the definations into category_game.xml.

    You can also link to it with this code:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Keeps the xml and code smaller.

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    sharp30 Guest
    has anyone loaded a ps2 game using this yet ? I have successfully installed this and it just wanted to know if the game could be dumped in the internal hdd?

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    renanbianchi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sharp30 View Post
    has anyone loaded a ps2 game using this yet ? I have successfully installed this and it just wanted to know if the game could be dumped in the internal hdd?
    One step at a time.

    Deanrr are we supposed to enter the backup manager and launch the game from there?

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    TechGeek990 Guest
    PS2 Game shows on xmb but can't backup ps2 game in multiman. Also I think ps2 backups would need to be mounted to dev_ps2disc or dev_ps2disc1 to play anyway. correct me if i'm wrong.

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    renanbianchi Guest
    It seems usb firmware loader is not working for me either.

    Does have Pkgs on the root of the usb dir affect the launc of the custom firmware?

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    Jon Salat Guest
    Does this require syscall35? Jaicrab FW loader doesn't work with PL3 for me, only Hermes., I think because Jaicrab FW loader uses syscall 36, but PL3 doesn't?

    I mounted a backup of Thunderforce VI and launched it from XMB, but it just launched the MGS2 disc I had in the drive. Not sure if it's due to the payload but it's what I would expect to happen anyway.

    The big problem with mounting PS2 games is that when the PS3 boots into the PS2 hardware it kills the exploit, so I don't see how we can run PS2 backups from HDD. PS1 games run on PS3 hardware though, which doesn't kill the exploit, so it should be possible to run PS1 games off of HDD.

    I have a PS1 backup which shows up as a PS2 game in multiMAN, but can't test with an original PS1 disc as my PS3 suddenly refuses to read PS1 discs. I also have this problem with PS3 discs, but it's still reading PS2 discs just fine.

    Singstar PS3 has an option to swap disc with the PS2 versions and import songs, this works with slims too as it just reads the data from it. I'm not sure what the rules are on posting links so I'll just quote this development: fabzilla - Got PS2 Singstar songs working on USB

    Original Singstar PS3 Game,
    Original PS2 Game (any should work),
    Psgroove compatible Stick, newest psgroove of Evilsperm

    Now I did the following:
    - Downloaded Gaia Manager Source
    - Edited main.c and replaced "/dev_bdvd" with "/dev_ps2disc" in lines no. 620,953 and 1285
    - Compiled Gaia Manager
    - Copied a PS2 Singstar backup to my external Harddrive in /GAMEZ/%name-of-game%
    - Started Gaia Manager and selected this Backup
    - Put PS3 Original Game in drive
    - Started the PS3 Original Game
    - Switched Disk in Game with PS2 Original (Select)
    - Instead of the PS2 Original in the Drive the backup gets loaded

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