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    Aba Guest
    FMAranda Thanks again for your help. I figured out that it was a copy'n problem and I was indeed editing it correct.

    Still not sure what exactly I was doing wrong (think I was dragging the unedited options file to the usb, and wondering what the hell was going on) hahahahah, ya I'm stupid.

    Works now though... Thanks for the help!

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    FMAranda Guest

    You are not stupid... i'm glad that you solved the problem.

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    jailbreakuser Guest

    PS3 Covers!

    Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
    I did the covers in the pack so if anyone needs any cover requests filled, feel free to PM me.
    Hello d3adliner! Here's the list of covers that I would highly appreciate if you could provide! big thanks in advance!

    Disgaea 3
    Heavy Rain
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Medal of Honor
    Modnation Racers
    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 and 2
    NBA 2k11
    Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2
    Red Dead Redemption
    Residen Evil 5
    Sacred 2
    Silent Hill
    Soul Calibur 4
    Spiderman shattered dimensions
    Super Street Fighter 4
    Unchartered Drakes Fortune
    Way of the Samurai 3

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    jailbreakuser I removed your e-mail, if you check the rules we don't allow them on the Forums so add it to your profile instead.

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    jailbreakuser Guest
    cool! found the covers ! thanks a lot. waiting my download to be done.

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    coleix Guest

    Big Grin

    This looks awesome, i was waiting for you to polish it a little bit more when i saw the first release but completely forgot about it after flex manager, but this already looks to awesome so i'm gonna give it a try.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    dean is brilliant.. he has made a few apps not needed cause here they are, really interested in the PS2 project.

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    d3adliner Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jailbreakuser View Post
    Hello d3adliner! Here's the list of covers that I would highly appreciate if you could provide! big thanks in advance!
    PAL or NTSC? And the Title IDs would be EXTREMELY helpful!

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    magiker Guest
    Looks good from screen-dumps and specs.

    however, is it really true it doesn't work on 3.15 (PL3) but only from 3.40 and 3.41? I don't feel like upgrading my Phat just yet.

    Good job though!

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    Kamse Guest
    Thanks a lot for this update, i'm loving this all-in-one manager

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