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Thread: MultiMAN 1.09.03 AVCHD BDMV PS3 Game FileManager OBM Mod

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    boob4me Guest
    I want to switch from GAIA to multi but I don't know if the games still run from the ''GAMEZ" folder, or do I have to edit the folder to read games from multimanager? any help would be great. thanks agian for all the hard work!!

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    FMAranda Guest

    multiMAN can read folders from any place, you only need to edit the main search lines on options_default.ini:

    # Main search folders:

    # Secondary search folders:

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    minatek Guest
    Seems it will detect the GAMEZ folder from other managers.. you could also go ahead and give it a go, its a nice manager

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    solrac1974 Guest
    The best manager so far, updates every day, AVCHD support, built in file manager, great covers pack available, thanks for your hard work Dean!

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    boob4me Guest
    Ok, one more question. will multi manager work with gaia still installed, I just don't want to delete my games!! 1tb!! so that's a lot of freaking time, you probably know what I'm talking about.

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    FMAranda Guest

    Yes, it will work with multiple managers installed.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Awesome ! This is an program that haves anything in it. Great work.

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    d3adliner Guest
    I did the covers in the pack so if anyone needs any cover requests filled, feel free to PM me.

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    gdok Guest
    Cool looking manager. I forget does the payload or the manager deal with getting games to work for the playstation move like eyepet and tiger woods? If its the manager does this manager allow those games to work properly with the move controls?

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    adalbertoma Guest
    It does work with Eyepet and other PS Move games. Also patches > 3.41 SFOs to make them compatible with 3.41. Tested on Hermes v4b. By far the best manager available. Dean, keep up the great work!

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