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Thread: Moving trophy data from debug to retail on the same profile?

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    Fufs Guest

    Question Moving trophy data from debug to retail on the same profile?

    Hi everyone,

    I've heard some lose talk about this, but I've never found anyone who could provide the information needed, so I'm trying to turn to you guys in need of help:

    I'm playing some final version games on my debug, but I would like the trophy's I earn to be registered on my normal retail profile.

    I've been told there is a way to make this happen, does anyone know how? Can I move my retail PSN account onto a debug, segment the trophy data on the debug and melt it into my retail or what is the magical way of doing it?

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    shummyr Guest
    Its not possible to do as of now because, if memory serves its way that everything is signed on a retail versus a dev console.

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    d1slact0r Guest
    What I did was: Set the debug/test unit on NP envorment, login with your normal retail account and sync the thropys.

    But since yesterday I get error code: 80022D68 so I sync it every second for a whole hour but no luck.

    And on my debug PSN account (with sp-int) I get error code 80022D65 and there is no info about that error.

    I am running Firmware 3.40 any idea on this one?

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    playforfun Guest


    if i have understand, the NP environment is same as retail psn. if the account in debug is the account used for psn retail so normaly, the trophy's you earn wil be uploaded automatically by the retail console.. it is correct ?

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    d1slact0r Guest
    If you set it on the NP environment and you use your normal acount, yes.

    But still I still got this problem, any options? Can't find anything about 80022D65 error code.

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    shummyr Guest
    As far as I know it is not possible to move anything from retail to dev and vice versa.

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