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  1. #21
    DeViL303 Guest
    I would not touch vsh.self if I was you, it will RSOD for sure. who knows if service mode will work in all cases.

  2. #22
    hunterrr Guest
    Uhh are you kidding me? Do you wan't me to take a picture of my retail XMB with the Install Package Files? This does indeed write to the nand.

  3. #23
    DeViL303 Guest
    Of course it works! try it if you don't believe me, why would it not work!

    JaiCraB is not going to release an app that doesnt work.

  4. #24
    n4ru Guest
    Because we'd need a Lv1 exploit to write to dev_flash...

    Make a video that starts with the PS3 clearly off and unplugged. And start it without the jailbreak, showing me that it's a retail unit.

    He also stated that this does not modify dev_flash but redirects it, his post was very vague about what this actually does, probably lost in translation. There's no way to redirect it at boot either, so you have to run this app every time you start, it's NOT a permanent write to dev_flash OR a permanent redirect.. or maybe there is some magical Lv1 exploit inside this app. (lolno)

  5. #25
    hunterrr Guest
    Ok I don't have a video camera, but before I take a picture of what little proof I can show, go try it yourself.

  6. #26
    n4ru Guest
    I don't need a picture. The instructions aren't even clear on how to use it.

    Does this just create /dev_alejandro/ on hdd0 that permanently mirrors /dev_flash/?

  7. #27
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Anyone brave enough to flash a new coldboot_multi.ac3?

  8. #28
    DeViL303 Guest
    no, i have my ps3 modded permanantly, I have no time to make a video. try it yourself, load app, press circle, it mounts a new dev_flash that is writable. then rerun app and it will unmount writeable version.

    If you really don't believe it can do it run the app , press circle and then delete all in your new dev_Alejandro folder, you will seriously regret it but you will learn it does work! joke BTW! DO NOT DO THIS!

  9. #29
    BwE Guest
    i'm happy to flash anything if i can get this damn thing to work!?!

    where do i put the files?!

  10. #30
    DeViL303 Guest
    NO IT MOUNTS A TEMP DEV_FLASH CALLED dev_Alejandro that is really your real dev_flash, only diff is the Alejandro version is writeable. you will owe us all an apology I think, me especially.

    To put it simply its the same chip mounted as a different name but with diff permissions.

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