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  1. #211
    DNR8 Guest
    Hmm why is it when i launch N4RUs program it goes black then exits to XMB ? i want to test this as well

  2. #212
    FMAranda Guest
    DNR8 You have to use a payload with peek and poke (Hermes V4B and PL3 Dev).

  3. #213
    DNR8 Guest
    can you point me in the right direction im using E3

  4. #214
    FMAranda Guest
    I don't know a better thread for this, but you can find something here.

  5. #215
    DNR8 Guest
    still no luck wont boot n4ru with the hermes v4 and it won't boot this cus it spoofs 3.55?

    since people are too scared to do it i am !!! i'm gonna see if the PS3 can have some certain files the PSP has such as a few Boot sounds lets wait and see if it accepts them then i'll post an update with vid.

  6. #216
    FMAranda Guest
    Hey, i don't know if you already find something to your E3, but this thread can help you. If is not this payload that you want, search for it and do the same process.

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