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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Here is a PSX & a PS2 Coldboot Sound i made. Encoded with XVID4PSP from .wav to .ac3 with a bitrate of 640. Both were tested & working just fine!

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    BwE Guest

  3. #123
    dogs4war Guest
    Cant wait to see where this leads..

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    Mbb Guest
    Nice video sk group, thanks for that

  5. #125
    Kiriller Guest
    Thanks for the effort to anyone who was involved, and sk for the videos can't wait for more!

  6. #126
    edwardecl Guest
    Do you have that finished cut down PS1 boot sound file ready to drop in?

  7. #127
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    yea, i posted it a while ago with a PS2 coldboot, check a few pages back.

  8. #128
    ness151 Guest
    ooh, can't wait for either of 'em!

  9. #129
    edwardecl Guest
    didn't the ps3 also have the sound when first starting a game? can that be modded back in? I get a critical error only for 3.41 when I try this. My PS3 is 3.41 WTH?

    Not only that the icons on my XMB are now corrupted on the screen ?!? hmm

    Don't think it liked my payload changed it to hermes v4 all is good ^^

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    feckinl Guest


    Hi i'm new and just wanted to say i'm loving the progress.. Will be following this closely..


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