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  1. #101
    BwE Guest
    i want to test acidcfw but not till i get my damn ac3 working

  2. #102
    johnny1233 Guest
    i love the ps1 sound too ! LOL classicness.

  3. #103
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Here ya go SK, worked for me. Gets cut off near the end, maybe you can do a bit of tweaking.

    Also, this is Stereo, may need to change your Sound Settings

  4. #104
    Brenza Guest
    I think it's a coincidence!

  5. #105
    BwE Guest
    you legend! what did you convert it with? either way im testing it now and i'm testing acid cfw

    making a video also <3


  6. #106
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I used XVID4PSP to convert from .wav to .ac3 bitrate 640

    working on making it shorter at the moment so it doesn't get cut off at the end.

  7. #107
    BwE Guest
    cool yeah i timed it, takes roughly 9.8 seconds.

    anyways done with my acidcfw video/review

    currently uploading to youtube.

  8. #108
    sharp30 Guest

    acid cfw

    I cant wait to see vid, just wondering where i find the audio file to change the start up sound?

  9. #109
    BwE Guest

  10. #110
    Cyberskunk Guest
    CFW Prophet & Devil303 the only file that will cause RSOD in what we are doing is the vsh.self (I know why but that is not for this thread)..

    All other files work.. Running REBUG in it's entirety with all of it's current options still working..

    Just thought I would spare you the needless testing..

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