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Thread: The Most Amazing PS3 Case Mod Ever, or a Big Waste of a PS3?

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    y2kgt Guest
    I'd love to see NBA or NFL case mods!

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    Okiri Guest
    I dont like it, doesnt even look like an alien!!

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    wuscht Guest
    Wow this is awesome.

    Must have been a lot of work .... ^^

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    tictok Guest
    Actually, looking at it a second time, I think the same technique could be used to make a great Han Solo in Carbonite case mod. How cool would that be! I'd prefer that one

    Look at the ports / vents on the side, surely it's designed to be a console one day

    Go on , someone make that

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    daveribz Guest
    Really a waste... The PS3 is way better like it is. Nice shiny black case, simple and sexy.

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