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    I think if your into giger then $300 for a custom mod isn't that much. i have a mate who collects Alien models and some of them cost a bit more than that for a 16" figure

    In saying that i think the memory card cover needs a lot more detail. It looks like an after thought. Oh and i wouldn't have it near my living room

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    Mar 2007
    That MGS Mod is freakin' awesome. the first one looks like burned plastic -.-

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    Sep 2005
    Im not to keen on this case mod to be honest.

    I think the PS3 was made to look stylish with class however this case seems to take all that away

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    Nov 2008
    Very nice! I wonder what he'll churn out next. Maybe a predator one???

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    how is it made

    How is it made? Was it melted on as a template then glued on or made using the papermasha method or was put together to form a dragon like figure?

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    Wow that alien box is just.... too much.

    Some people have time on there hands

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    My brother would love the alien one he has the aliend head dvd box set in his room!

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    i dont like the fingers and the color

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    very cool mod, but where is the predator case to go with it??

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    Mar 2009
    Have to say I'm not too keen on it either. Obviously the dude behind this put a whole truck load of work into it, which I respect, so kudos for that! I'm sure it would be prefect for some people.

    For me, personally, I don' really understand most of the case mods that are around. I'd rather my PS3 was smaller, quieter and all together less visible.

    Wonder what the rest of that guys living room looks like.... scary stuff!

Closed Thread
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