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Thread: More PSFreedom / PSGroove Ports, TI-84 Plus / SE Port Incoming

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    kally12 Guest
    Try this; don't know what payload is in his code, don't care. Use your own payload because his new version can run multiple payloads.

    Use this program to add multiple payloads onto your calculator. Take any compiled .hex/.bin file and run it through. Copy the 8xv file to your calc with ticonnect and look at the options in PS3JB. From:
    - Added Install/Uninstall options for jailbreak hook, enabling use within the TI-OS and outside the application itself.
    - Added external payload support and an options menu to select a custom payload ("stage 1").
    - Added AsbestOS support and a custom stage 1/2 payload from the options menu.
    - Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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    TruthGuy Guest
    which payload is on that one you just posted?

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    Any payload? Doesn't the payload you run through his converter have to be in a data.bin type of file?

    EDIT: Just tried to convert one of the hermes v1 hexes I found on this board to work with the new Ti84 build. I used brandonwilsons tool to make it into an 8xv file. Then I selected to use that as a stage 1 payload in the Ti84 app. When I do that the app crashes the entire calculator when the PS3 is booting.

    Sooo, it's not as easy as just picking any payload for any board and converting it.

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    asmnoob Guest
    You need to convert it into a binary file first and only the payload (not the rest)! I've just done it with the Hermes v1 payload and it works like a charm.

    btw. the payload isn't board specific.

    // asmNoob

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    Could you please elaborate just a little? Exactly what is it that you're converting into a binary?

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    kally12 Guest
    So lets just say that you compile the first revision of hermes payload. You'd get a file psgroove.hex which you would flash onto a PIC or other micro-controller. Don't use that file.

    Instead look for a file called port1_config_descriptor.bin which is called a compiled payload. The first file contain s the payload, but also crap which isn't needed. Use this file.

    Also I couldn't take back what I'd said earlier. Editing posts isn't allowed.

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    OK, the new TI-84 related discussion thread is here:

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