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Thread: More PSFreedom / PSGroove Ports, TI-84 Plus / SE Port Incoming

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    smarty94 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kally12 View Post
    All I did to check if the program worked is to look and see the two new options in the Game blade-- called "/app_home/PS3_GAME/" and "Install Package Files".

    I haven't gone any further than that.

    hunterrr: Download this zip, the unrelated emulator contains wabbitsign in a folder.
    Like I said earlier, it doesn't work. It's the same as all the other hex patches that have come out in he past 24 hours. There is an issue that prevents bd_dev from being patched, even if the descriptors file is changed. I think the issue is that the packet size is so small that the bd_dev call gets split up and therefore doesn't execute. Nobody has figured this out yet. The original dv is looking into this while porting the new version of psgroove. I would expect some explanations of what's going wrong to appear by the end of this upcoming weekend.

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    Hasslehogg Guest
    i can confirm.

    i tried kally12's version, followed all instructions, even formatted hard drive to wipe away any game saves or anything, set my hdtv to under 720p, used his enclosed backup manager, updated calculator fw and still exactly the same

    guess we have no choice but to wait to see if anyone can release a working version for backup manager to PLAY BACKUPS not just back games up or buy a usb dongle version that we know works.

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    red8316 Guest
    Yeah it doesn't work. Backed up game GOW Collection to external, put in Fallout 3 disc, Loaded GOW collection, black screen, then back to xmb.

    Also tried backing up Fallout 3 to internal PS3 hard drive, backed up, put in GOW Collection, Loaded Fallout 3, screen went black, then back to xmb. So no go that route either.

    FTP server works though, which is pretty sweet considering.

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    gamester47 Guest
    Looking forward to an update that allows the use of the backup manager, Im guess with in a week there should be a copy out some where.

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    TruthGuy Guest
    Let's get this BM working, this port will be the BEST

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    sikxsikxsikx Guest
    From Brandon Wilson twitter...
    I fixed it. Update coming at some point today, includes PSGroove updates. Today means by midnight, 11 hours or less... stay calm.

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    Lysin Guest
    Fixed what exactly? So many things to be fixed... lol

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    th3riddler Guest
    He fixed the BD emulation.

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    Lysin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by th3riddler View Post
    He fixed the BD emulation.
    Sorry from the noobiness, but the BD emulation allow us to do what? Play from the external HD?


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    Apr 2005
    It allows you to play PS3 game backups, basically what PS JailBreak does.

    Also below is TI84 Jailbreak Unofficial V2 w/ Peek/Poke support by SonyUSA and Ape, but it doesn't have BD Emulation support.

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