I have make some search on the net about this debug and i have found some interesting information

he exist many PS3 TEST hardware version

the most common is DECHAOOA model

he can play RETAIL games
he can play DEBUG games
he can play PS1 and PS2 RETAIL games
he can't play BD movies
i don't know if he can connect to internet

a another model exist and the hardware and is named DECHAOOAJ

this model dated 2008 and no precision about this version
source => http://assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19641

i have see a another hardware version and i lost the source
this console have same function than DECHA00A but no one work
this console is only for play DEBUG GAMES

It looks strong to hack firmware debug install on a retail console

it's all i have found for the moment, i will update this if i found more informations

and sorry, i'm french and my english is pretty bad