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Thread: Mednafen Multi-System Emulator Port for PS3 is Now Available

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    maxdb1984 Guest


    Here's R81 compiled.. changes:
    r84 Support bios in vbam, support (included) vba-over.ini in vbam to fix games with special save types
    r83 l1ght: Fix PCE fast forward crash, sort directories before files, fix bookmark display bug, use antialised fonts
    r82 l1ght: Remove unneeded vbam build directory from svn
    r81 l1ght: Fix perfomance regression, change icons and font, tell emulators to actually skip frames during fast forward, some tweaks that hopefully don't break anyting Re-add a fixed vba-m for gba, good speed and sound while skipping 1 of 3 three frames. Use the vbam.skiphack feature to enable or disable it, default is on. Set vbam.disable to off to return to old gba driver. Vbam has no save states or rewind currently, they will be added soon.
    r80 Forgot the folder icon
    r79 l1ght: Hopefully fix sound lag, add directory icon in file browser, stop input from spilling outside of menus, increase menu speed the longer a button is held
    r78 l1ght: Add dedicated input config menu, use triple buffering for video
    r77 l1ght: Fix crash with SD resolutions
    r76 l1ght: Enable rewind function, add documentation, more tweaks
    r75 l1ght: Add commands menu, add shortcuts for files and buttons in settings menu, more tweaks
    r74 l1ght: Use 3D for scaling, tweaks to medanfen settings
    r73 l1ght: More tweaks, begin to enable 3D for stretching
    r72 Forgot a couple of files
    r71 l1ght: New interface colors and font, show navigation controls on screen, use (basic) png for background
    r70 l1ght: Add font caching for speed. Add space to keyboard. More tweaks.
    r69 l1ght: Add basic on screen keyboard for settings menu, more refactoring (almost ready for release)
    r68 l1ght: Fix fonts being cut off, more work on settings
    r67 More work on l1ght. Use Freetype for fonts, begin re-adding bookmarks, other cleanup.
    r66 More touching up in l1ght branch
    r65 Continue refactoring
    r64 Begin refactoring
    r63 Add psl1ght port

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxdb1984 View Post
    Here's R81 compiled..
    Added to the first post now and +Rep maxdb1984.

    Here is revision 83 with the changes as well:

    - Changing the older fonts by font anti-aliasing
    - Fixed a crash when emulation of the PC-Engine
    - Fixed bookmark
    - Fixed a display problem
    - Sort folders before files

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    ModderFokker Guest
    R84 has been released.

    Revision 84:
    - Support bios in vbam, support (included)vba-over.ini in vbam to fix games with special save types (Pokemon games now doesn’t have alerts about circuits and saves now succesfully, other games better now)

    attached below...

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    leorj76 Guest


    Multi emulator? Amazing, I like this and thanks, but I waiting for a Nintendo 64 emulator on PS3!!!

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    Apr 2005
    Another update:

    Revision 89/90:
    - Files added and some corrections

    Revision 88:
    - Will ask to configure controls on first load. Support 7z as well as archives with multiple files.

    Revision 87:
    - Add option to load new game (not fully tested yet but I had no problems with it)

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Update emucr-mednafen_ps3_r102
    Mednafen-PS3 SVN Changelog:
    Utility::GetExtension returns everything after the LAST period in the filename.
    Fix mednafen message position
    Split off a Blit function in MednafenEmu. Fix drawing screen when XMB open.
    Some cleanup in mednafen_help
    Don't throw std::string
    Pass const string references for arguments
    New sound strategy: Slightly adjust samplerate until emu gives about 800 samples per frame. Not
    perfect but at least more consistent. Need to do comparison tests against mednafen running on a PC

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    TheShroomster Guest
    This is made with PSL1GHT? if so will it run on a non JB console? or does it need to be jailbroken before hand?

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    Grasshopper Guest
    Is it possible to tell the author to include an option to read from the SD Card slots for us 60/80gb owners?

    I got most of my roms on my psp memory stick and I don't want to re-transfer everything. For now I've been running it from a Hub, but it would be more efficient if the card readers can just pick it up.

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    Luckluka Guest

    Multisystem Mednafen Emulator Updated to Revision 157

    Mednafen is update to rev 157:

    Revision 157:
    - Fix rebuild all switch, add note about vbam in BUILDING_NOTES.TXT

    Revision 151-156:
    - Begin finalizing new browser
    - Bookmarks can point to ftp now
    - Basic error handling in file browser, Force disable of filesys.samedir settings, sorry (if you had them enabled you need to move all saves to the folders in /dev_hdd0/game/MDFN90002/USRDIR/mednafen/)
    - Bug fixes
    - Some bug fixes
    - Updated build scheme

    Revision 146-150:
    - Circle now exits IconGrid
    - Tune down optimizations in system-l1ght, begin to refactor file browser
    - Fix FTP credentials
    - Quick FTP fix (OSX FTP sharing works now)
    - Even more FTP fixes

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    pepijndamen Guest
    Thanks for the upload. I hope I can get Kunio Kun and Double Dragon II for PCE to work on the PS3.

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