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Thread: Mednafen Multi-System Emulator Port for PS3 is Now Available

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    Apr 2005


    Another brief update and changelog:
    r60 Update readme concerning available features (IPS patch, more PCE CD format info)

    Hopefully fix remaining endian issues in Megadrive (status windows in various
    games being garbled)

    Add option to store save games and states in same directory as game file, and to disable compression for sharing saves with other emulators (press r3 in file browser)

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    rommy667 Guest
    Love this emu, thanks for the news of r60

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    Apr 2005


    Here is another Mednafen revision and changelog:
    r62 Add automatic state save and load Pause game when opening XMB
    r61 Remove old mednafen from current svn (read BUILDING NOTES.TXT for info to build an old version) Clean old nestopia and gambatte files Update BUILDING NOTES.TXT Add script for building clean versions

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    djhazardous Guest
    Can somebody help me? I've tried v1, R60 and R62 releases and they all boot me back to XMB when trying to load a Master System or Game Gear ROM, they are in .sms format. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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    Gamblr Guest
    I believe they need to be in .zip format.

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    djhazardous Guest
    Can anyone confirm this, doesn't really make sense?

    Also, does Mednafen support Genesis/Mega-Drive now? I read it does...

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    GotNoUsername Guest

    Nice Emu.. I question so is there any Dolphin (wii emulator) project yet for ps3 ?

    Where to start? To get some help I have to admit I can't code at all... I just want to knoe the right perosns about that idee and gat an answer if possible at all.

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    djhazardous Guest
    No, to my knowledge noone has started work on a Wii emulator at this time.

    There was talk of drk|raziel working on a Dreamcast emulator here:

    But it seems to have gone quiet with there not being an update since September.

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    itzsleepy Guest
    It would be cool to use a wii emulator, i just finally got the ecliPS3 working and testing out all the emulators, everything seems so much better than playing the emulators on the wii. Pretty sure wii games will be more fun to play on the ps3, hate that wii remote.

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    maxdb1984 Guest
    Theres lots of cool new features to try like full screen mode and looking at the settings it looks like the Mega CD may be added in the future. Only problem is that you have to exit to the XMB to chose another rom at the moment and not all my Megadrive roms seem to work but give it time I guess

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